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BSR Upcoming Events Calendar/Notifications:

BRUSHING WORK CREW DATES:  None planned at this time

BSR Meetings/Events

No face to face Executive meetings scheduled until further notice

BSR AGM "POSTPONED" + Elections - Baxter Ward Community Centre - Postponed until provincial rules allow for groups of more than 20 to meet again


Unfortunately in June 2020, a BSR landowner on C trail south of Port Severn revoked the Land Use Permit for this key section.  It was due to irresponsbile ATV riders trespassing on snowmobile trails and riding off-trail heavily damaging the ground and ecosystems.   There is only one possible trail re-route and it's on the road for 1.5-3 km's - very unappealling to say the least.  And that's if it can be arranged, funded and completed by December 1 for trail opening.

     D7 Family of the Year!

 Honey Bee Festival "BEE" bags

     Tom and Gerti Sternig

   October 5 - Honey Harbour

Far Side of the Tomb

Romeo & Penny Levesque