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OFSC:  You require a Permit to ride OFSC trails...link above.


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Thursday February 11, 7:00 pm - BSR club meeting - using ZOOM webcast.  Email arthur.christakos@gmail.com to register for the on-line meeting.


1)  Groomer Status:  Stuck in a very large KingBossQuad ATV hole Saturday night on B105. Retrieved Sunday with an excavator ($$$). Being towed to shop for emergency repairs - no ETA on return to service ($$$).  

2)  Rescue Sled Status: Ready.

3)  Trail Change #1:  Unfortunately in June 2020, a BSR landowner on C trail south of Port Severn revoked the Land Use Permit for this key section.  It was due to irresponsbile ATV riders (not BSATV members) trespassing on snowmobile trails on private land and riding off-trail heavily damaging the ground and ecosystems. Trail on road for 2.2 km's (Narrow's Road and St. Amant Road).

    Trail Change #2:  C Trail re-route from Andersen Line to Dunn's Line near Coldwater - new signage in place to re-direct riders.  The OFSC ITG will not be updated for a few weeks due to OFSC update timing issues.

     BSR Santa Float 2020!

 Six Mile Park Snow Fence, Trail Work and Signage

Nov 2020

     Bud, Mark, Monique, Kenneth, Jadelyn, Ellie

         Bud Knowles 2020

McDonald River Bridge