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THANK YOU  EVERYONE for your support during the season!!!
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OFSC: Prescribed OFSC trails are not open to other motorized vehicles in the off-season - please respect the landowners - we don't want to lose anymore trail this year!  Thx.


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Thursday October 21, 7:00 pm - BSR AGM meeting - using ZOOM webcast.  Email arthur.christakos@gmail.com to register for the on-line ZOOM meeting.


1)  McDonald River Bridge OFSC C trail - LONG ANSWER - New gate installed at McDonald River Bridge as per the terms of the land use agreement with MNRF.  Baxter Snow Riders created this trail 25 years ago with volunteer labour and fundraising to pay for the McDonald River bridge, the trail, it's maintenance and improvements by the Baxter Snow Riders and its membership/sponsors - NOT the provincial government.  BUT, the government does have a land use agreement with BSR that does not allow motorized vehicles on the trail to the bridge...signs are clearly posted on the trail.  Under the agreement BSR must gate the road entry and the bridge or it can be revoked.  This almost happened at the start of this year due to unauthorized motor vehicle use and environmental damage, particularly at the McCrea Lake conservation area.  If this gate is cut open or damaged again then it is quite possible the trail and the bridge agreement will not be renewed and the 25 years of Baxter Snow Rider efforts will be lost forever.  You must appeal to the MNRF to consider changes to their agreement. By driving around the road gates and damaging and removing the bridge gate you are hurting not only the local snow mobile community and Baxter Snow Riders directly but also the thousands of snowmobilers (Dec 1 - Mar 31) who use and other non-motorized users of the trail and the bridge (April 1 - November 30).  We have to pay about $1000 per keep the bridge inspected and then do whatever work is required from the inspection.  This coming year we need to raise about $10,000 to keep the bridge open.  If we are not successful then the bridge will not pass inspection which is a condition of the land use agreement.  This is a huge hurdle for a non-profit organization like BSR - it is NOT paid for by the government.  The last thing we need is to be caught between unathorized ATV riders and the government so on behalf of the Baxter Snow Riders we thank you for your respect of the trail usage rules and leaving the gates in place and not damaged.