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OFSC:  Permits now on sale! Go to link above to get early bird savings and extra benefits!

BRUSHING WORK CREW DATES:  Upcoming dates announced soon

BSR Meetings/Events

Thursday December 10, 7:00 pm - BSR club meeting - using ZOOM webcast.  Email arthur.christakos@gmail.com to register for the on-line meeting.


Unfortunately in June 2020, a BSR landowner on C trail south of Port Severn revoked the Land Use Permit for this key section.  It was due to irresponsbile ATV riders (not BSATV members) trespassing on snowmobile trails and riding off-trail heavily damaging the ground and ecosystems.

     D7 Family of the Year!

 Honey Bee Festival "BEE" bags

     Tom and Gerti Sternig

   October 5 - Honey Harbour

Far Side of the Tomb

Romeo & Penny Levesque