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Volunteers needed for work crew in the coming week or so...please email braidkenneth@gmail.com to discuss your availability.


THANK YOU  EVERYONE for your support during the season!!!
BSR Upcoming Events Calendar/Notifications:

OFSC: Prescribed OFSC trails are being prepared at this time.  After packing with the groomer there isn't enough base to open trails yet.  The last several years we haven't been able to open them until Jan 25-26 and this year looks the same - providing the forecasted snow Sunday to Wednesday materializes.  We are highly motivated volunteers - we want the trails open, we pay the same as anyone for permits, we pay the same for new sleds and gear - we also contribute amazing amounts of time and personal money to make this sport happen...the cost of a permit is a fraction of the true cost of maintaining the OFSC prescribed trail system...we will open them as soon as it's safe to do so.  Keep checking the OFSC ITG for up-to-date trail status.

BRUSHING WORK CREW DATES: Contact braidkenneth to discuss your availability.

BSR Meetings/Events

Thursday January 13, 7:00 pm - BSR AGM meeting - using ZOOM webcast.  Email arthur.christakos@gmail.com to register for the on-line ZOOM meeting.